Proper Kitchen Waste Disposal


Few rooms in the house generate as much rubbish and clutter as the kitchen. Food preparation is the sort of activity that leaves a lot of things behind. It could be scraps of ingredients, poorly-prepared dishes, or just a lot of packaging. Cleaning up properly is essential, don’t you think?


Well, here’s a few tips that can help you improve your kitchen waste disposal strategy.


The obvious first move is to use a trash bin. After all, the garbage has to go somewhere, right?


Skip bins are great for this. Read more about us at the link!


If you live in an apartment or don’t have a disposal, a bin is a convenient place to put them. While you do need to empty it every few days, this is still the most practical way to handle things. Be sure to wash your hands after touching the garbage!


You can also take the initiative to sort them between recyclables and non-recyclables. Or you can go into more detail, like dividing between glass, plastic, and organic materials. You’ll need separate bins, no matter what scheme you use.


If you have a garden or just want a greener option, go with composting.


Use a small bin to collect things like leftover food you don’t want to eat, potato peelings, tea bags, and other scraps. Empty the bin into the garden compost every few days. This not only lets you remove any waste materials but also create more compost.


If you don’t have a garden yourself, just give them to someone who does have one. They’ll be glad for the donation to the well-being of their greenery.


A compost alternative is a worm bin.


Now, what’s a worm bin, you ask? Well, it’s a container that creates compost. However, instead of waiting for the materials to rot over time, it uses worms to speed up the process. The worms eat the food waste and produce compost in the process.


A worm bin needs red worms (also known as wrigglers) for this and must be kept in optimum conditions. Of course, while this is a great method, some may not be comfortable with it.


You have the option of installing a garbage disposal under the sink.


Honestly, this is the most likely way to get rid of food scraps and waste. These aren’t difficult to install, but they are not the perfect solution either. There are some things that cause it to jam, such as fibrous substances.


In other words, a garbage disposal is not a solitary solution. You’ll need to use it alongside another method, such as a worm bin or trash container.


If you live on a farm, your food waste disposal method will probably come on four legs. Goats and pigs are great for consuming food waste. Beware: what you save in disposal you might end up spending on animal feed.


Pigs and goats will consume almost anything. However, if you want to keep them healthy, you’ll want to know what kind of scraps are poisonous to them. The waste also won’t have enough nutrients to sustain them, so they’ll need to eat other things too.