Solve your PIZZA cravings

Pizza! Everyone loves pizza! Sadly, not everyone has the time or the skill to make it at home. Sure, you might get tired of pre-made pies out of a restaurant oven. You could feel an inkling to try your own, to make your recipe. However, it looks so daunting and confusing.


“Mark,” you say, “it’s too hard! Even if I have a recipe, it keeps coming out awful!”


And I’m telling you, pizza isn’t impossible. Homemade pizza can be done, and you don’t need to go to a fancy culinary school to get it right. Most pizza chain cooks never did that, and they make decent pies day in, day out. What you need is to keep in mind there’s more to pizza than just a recipe.


You want to start with the dough. Specifically, I advise making it by hand and kneading it yourself. Get that deep, personal connection into the bread.  Yes, this also means tossing it around like a professional.


I admit, tossing pizza dough is an acquired skill. You’re going to get a lot of dough on a lot of surfaces before you get the hang of it. If I’m sincere, this is the step that gets people wanting to try out pizza catering Perth WA instead of making their pizzas.


Honestly, once you get the dough done, the rest can go a little more smoothly.


One secret that Italians have for perfecting their pizzas is to bake the crust partially. You do this, and you make sure that the crust can handle any toppings you place.


Heat up the crust in a cast-iron or non-stick pan. Medium heat will do. Keep it there until you get the crust bubbling and turning a lovely shade of golden-brown. After that, remove it from the heat and apply the toppings of your choice.


The difference comes out in texture. You get something crisper, instead of limp.


While you’re topping it up, don’t put down too much. An overdressed pizza is sloppy, for so many reasons. You’ll have too many competing flavours, and there’s the risk that what you’ve topped it with will clash either with the dough or everything else.


Practice restraint on the toppings and crust, and even the cheese. Maybe two to three is good, four if you can get them to work well with each other.


Speaking of ingredients, remember the olive oil. This is an old restaurant trick. Poach your stuff in olive oil, which you should never allow to get too hot or to smoke. This gives toppings a richer taste, and you can use the now-flavoured oil for later.


If you use herbal ingredients (and you should) be sure to use fresh ones. And don’t hack at them, either. Basil, for example, bruises easily. Instead, you want to tear them gently over the finished pie. The herbs don’t bruise, and you keep the freshness intact as the pie bakes.


There you have it. Solid advice for how to make a better homemade pizza.


Of course, if you can’t cook and don’t have the time to learn, pizza catering and restaurants are still excellent choices.