How to prepare “Coconut rice”


For such a long time, the jollof rice and the fried rice has been the favorites of people leaving Coconut rice out of the equation totally. Even in occasion, both locally and internationally, we hardly see the catering service prepare coconut rice.


Below are a list and quantities of ingredients needed to cook and served 4 people Coconut rice.

  • 420g (approx. 1 lb) long grain poached rice
  • 400 mls Coconut Milk
  • 400 ml chicken stock/broth
  • 20 small shrimps
  • Tribelli peppers
  • 1 red onion
  • A handful of diced sausage
  • 1 big seasoning cube (optional)
  • Habanero peppers
  • Black pepper
  • Salt
  • Green peas
  • Green beans
  1. Get some chicken stock from cooking chicken.
  2. Extract the coconut milk out.
  3. Precook the long grain poached rice. Add it to a pot of a generous quantity of boiling water and cook on medium heat for 10-12 minutes. This time is for the quantity of rice stated in the list of ingredients. Peradventure yours is more, you will need more time. When done with the poaching, you should be able to cut the grain of rice with your finger nails: no resistance or rubbery feel.

    The science of poaching long grain poached rice:

    • Long grain poached rice contains lots of starch and is hard. When you cook this rice as is without first of all poaching it (especially with rice recipes where ingredients are cooked in the same pot as the rice (one-pot rice recipes), the starch content will make the rice sticky and soggy. The hard nature will hamper its absorption of water, again leading to sticky, soggy and burnt rice when you are done.
    • When we poach/precook the rice, we reduce the starch content as some of it is poured away.
    • Precooking also softens the rice to enable it absorb water easily.
    • If poached correctly, the long grain poached rice will completely absorb the quantity of water that is at the same level as the poached rice. This is science. A practical example is when you want to use a bone dry rag to mop up water; what quantity of water can it absorb compared to when you are trying to mop up the water with a damp rag?
  1. When happy with the rice, pour in a sieve/colander and rinse with plenty of cool water to cool it down. Leave in the sieve/colander to drain.
  2. Cut the sausage into small cubes.
  3. Dice the peppers and cut the green beans into about 1 inch long pieces.
  4. Chop the onions.
  5. Precook the shrimps and peel them or not depending on how you like them.